June 29, 2017

YouTube Live

18:56 Meri: Even though I'm sitting next to you today, I'm going to communicate with you on LINE.

18:56 Tokuko: Aren't you two crazy people? Feeling embarrassed.

18:57 Meri: At a big company, I email my neighbors~

18:57 Tokuko: I've never done that before.

18:59 Meri: no, talk directly

19:00 Tokuko: Tomorrow is YouTube Live day. I'll tell you that story.

19:00 Meri: I still say Ust

19:03 Tokuko: YouTube Live is a long one. I recently moved from Ustream to YouTube. Well done, this one.

19:04 Meri: Right. I wish I could do it from before, but before I knew it, I was able to do it on YouTube

19:05 Tokuko: I think it's easier to watch if you subscribe to the amirisu channel. I've been preparing more than before, but it's generally appropriate.

19:06 Meri: Yes. But compared to the first

19:06 Meri: I think I've gotten pretty used to it.

19:07 Tokuko: Everyone says I'm nervous, but I'm totally nervous from the beginning! I am careful not to blurt out strange things.

19:08 Meri: Are you nervous? To be honest, we can only see ourselves while we are talking, so it feels like we are just chatting while looking at the computer. Ah, yes, everyone was watching, like.

19:09 Tokuko: Right. Maybe it's because there's no audience. Everyone is looking forward to it. Even though it's an appropriate story. I'm afraid.

19:11 Meri: Sometimes I'm told, "I'm always watching!"

19:11 Meri: Lately I've always done it on Saturdays, but this week I'm shooting on Saturdays, so on Fridays.

19:13 Tokuko: Check it out if you can see it better on weekdays! See you live tomorrow.

19:13 Meri: Nice to meet you!