December 03, 2019

Holiday 2019

10:19 Meri: Twigs color work done

10:19 Tokuko: You did it. It's over.

10:19 Meri: Just cuffs

10:20 Tokuko: We're talking about the holidays.

10:20 Meri: Right. It's pretty much gone now.

10:21 Tokuko: What Meri wanted was the Hemleva Keychain.

10:21 Meri: Yes. I already love it.

10:22 Meri: And hand soap

10:22 Tokuko: I'm Wool Blanket. Tired of looking for a good blanket by myself.

10:22 Meri: You found something nice at the exhibition, right?

10:23 Tokuko: The quality exceeds the price! I'm already using it.

10:24 Meri: It's so light

10:24 Tokuko: It was warm enough. The ones I've used so far have been really thick like blankets. without inferiority.

10:25 Meri: Good

10:26 Tokuko: I think the spool accessories are cute too. where did you find this

10:26 Meri: It's a Tokyo company, but in Hokkaido. I bought it for myself because it's cute, and I love it.

10:27 Tokuko: When I went to Hokkaido? It's nice to use scraps.

10:28 Meri: Right. It's just a little eco

10:29 Tokuko: The craftsmanship is so delicate that it feels like Japanese handiwork. Also, the original marker for acorns, which always sells out quickly, is back.

10:30 Meri: People are buying more and more and there may not be much left

10:31 Tokuko: How would you like to treat yourself this year?

10:31 Meri: Stay tuned for the second installment, including the sweater kit!