October 26, 2019

One week after the release of issue 19

09:41: Tokuko How are you doing on this rainy Friday? I'm running into the sweater club.

09:42: Meri, have you finished knitting the sleeves?

09:42: Tokuko One side. But I was worried about the treatment of the pocket mouth and did it until midnight.

09:42: Tokuko is sleepy

09:43: Thank you for your hard work, Meri

09:43: Tokuko It's an important job!

09:44: Tokuko Well, everyone, have you received the latest issue of anirisu?

09:44: It's been a week since the release of Meri

09:45: Tokuko Sales are going well this time! thank you.

09:45: Meri: Thanks to you, I left for the most part.

09:46: Tokuko The pattern is good, but I think the reading was good.

09:47: Meri Thank you.

09:47: Tokuko Meri-san, you're so empty, aren't you?

09:48: Meri Thinking about it, I've already made 19 books. I'm sure you're working on the 21st book.

09:48: Meri Of course I still have ideas, but I need to charge something

09:49: Tokuko That's right. I'm thinking about that too.

09:49: Tokuko Go to exhibitions and read books. I need to touch other people's thoughts.

09:49: Meri It's a lot easier now that it's twice a year

09:50: Tokuko You did well. I wonder if it was still young!

09:50: Meri Oh yeah. I haven't had much free time for the last three years, so I haven't been able to charge it.

09:51: Tokuko But I think twice is good. I can do other things.

09:52: Meri Yes. I think it's a good balance now.

09:52: Tokuko Well, pattern work for No. 20 will start next month. Let's do our best next time.

09:53: Meri, I hope it will be a good issue again