March 13, 2020

to relax

09:32 Meri: I'm in the hospital this morning, but when I brought my computer to work, it had no power, so I thought I'd give it a try.

09:36 Tokuko: I'm at home today, so I put the cat on my lap and ate while doing the laundry.

09:37 Meri: Slow down. envy

09:37 Tokuko: I've been tired lately and haven't been able to knit at all, so I need to recover my strength here.

09:37 Tokuko: At this rate, the knitting work will not end!

09:38 Meri: Yesterday I was so busy that I couldn't sleep, and reading the news made me even more sleepless. I should have knitted.

09:38 Meri: Not progressing at all

09:39 Tokuko: Reading or knitting is probably the best way to relax.

09:40 Meri: Really

09:40 Meri: I did Kogin, but I don't feel like I was able to relax

09:40 Tokuko: Yes, we started taking notes recently.

09:40 Meri: Oh yeah

09:40 Meri: I haven't written anything new yet

09:41 Tokuko: I'm posting the correspondence for 2014 right now.

09:41 Meri: It makes me feel nostalgic

09:42 Tokuko: But only six years ago. I'm posting while thinking that the situation has changed a lot.

09:44 Meri: Isn't six years a long time? The longest I've ever been in one place is 6 years. elementary schools and insurance companies. Ah, did you change elementary schools? No.

09:45 Tokuko: I see. I will write something again when the correspondence is over, so please stay in touch.

09:45 Meri: Nine times in all? looking forward to.

* Amirisu's note can be viewed here .