March 03, 2020

HiyaHiya Festival

10:49 Meri: It's a hiyahiya festival that's already happening under the surface.

10:49 Tokuko: A tremendous amount has finally arrived.

10:50 Meri: I feel like I can buy what I wanted now

10:50 Tokuko: I think I kept you waiting.

10:51 Meri: Bamboo needles are in stock for the first time

10:52 Tokuko: You've been asking for it for a long time. Finally appeared this time!

10:52 Tokuko: Bamboo also has sharp needles.

10:53 Meri: Pretty much. I found it very easy to knit. Strongly recommended for those who like bamboo more than metal

10:53 Meri: It's especially good for combing two eyes at a time

10:54 Tokuko: I also prefer bamboo needles when knitting thin threads, so I'm thinking of trying it next time.

10:54 Tokuko: Recommended for knitting socks. I can knit tight.

10:54 Meri: Oh yeah.

10:55 Meri: If it's 3 or 4 or above, metal would be good.

10:55 Meri: Yarn is getting heavy

10:56 Tokuko: There are a lot of short hand sets, and there are so many different types, so I think you'll get lost quite a bit.

10:57 Tokuko: For the time being, I think it would be a good idea to buy one piece of bamboo and one piece of metal, and check the knitting comfort.

10:57 Meri: First, the tip of the standard needle.

10:58 Tokuko: Yes. It's sharp enough!

10:58 Meri: Please give it a try. Hiyahiya I love you!

10:58 Tokuko: There is also a video explaining the replacement circular needle set, so please refer to that as well.