October 02, 2019


09:42 Meri: Good morning. long time no see!

09:43 Tokuko: Really. Sorry for the gap.

09:43 Meri: I was in Hokkaido after the magazine deadline

09:44 Tokuko: For the time being, we have finished submitting manuscripts for the magazine. good job for today.

09:45 Meri: Done! just wait for it to arrive

09:47 Tokuko: New hand-dyed yarns have arrived while I'm busy with magazines. Primrose!

09:47 Tokuko: You finally got it. how long have you been waiting

09:48 Meri: We got in touch when we went to Rhinebeck three years ago, and since then?

09:48 Meri: I contacted them again recently and got a reply.

09:49 Tokuko: That was a long time ago. I took the plunge and ordered it.

09:50 Meri: Yes, so many colors.

09:51 Meri: This is the brand that received the highest number of requests for yarn from our supporters when we surveyed them last year.

09:51 Tokuko: Everyone knows it well.

09:52 Meri: Some pretty famous designers are using Primrose yarn to design.

09:52 Meri: I saw it on Instagram before going to Rhinebeck and was curious

09:53 Tokuko: The colors are unique.

09:55 Meri: Well, I think subtle pale shades are popular

09:55 Tokuko: DK is now available as a kit! There is also a cute sweater from Caitlin.

09:56 Meri: Oh, you've always wanted to knit. But this time I will endure it and hand it over to everyone!

09:56 Tokuko: I'm knitting something similar right now. Everyone loves the yoke pattern.

09:56 Meri: It's fun, isn't it? I can go to the end without getting tired

09:57 Tokuko: I think it's a global trend.

09:57 Tokuko: Hurry up everyone

09:57 Meri: Nice to meet you♪