January 29, 2020

The day I changed my bag

09:33 Meri: I came to work early today, but I couldn't get in because I didn't have a key, so I came to Starbucks.

09:33 Meri: Starbucks' barista brother is a cool handsome young man

09:34 Tokuko: It's a common occurrence with Meri.

09:34 Meri: You changed your bag, right?

09:34 Tokuko: That's fatal. It can not be helped.

09:35 Meri: Well, it's near Starbucks. It's a bicycle.

09:35 Tokuko: I will join you soon.

09:36 Tokuko: So, the sock fair is still going on this week, but today we'll be selling supporters clubs.

09:37 Meri: Oh yeah. I think the recruitment period is short this time

09:38 Tokuko: The main feature is always free shipping, but there are many other things that are hidden.

09:39 Meri: Secret sales, invitations to events, etc.

09:39 Meri: Sales of limited products, advance sales, reservations, etc.

09:40 Tokuko: After that, we will do our best to respond to detailed requests for mail-order sales.

09:41 Meri: We also accept consultations by email and phone, but this is a service that is not available to general customers.

09:42 Tokuko: If you're interested, don't miss this opportunity! You only apply twice a year.

09:43 Meri: There are many inquiries outside the recruitment period, but you can't join in the middle

09:43 Tokuko: Our low-key talk delivery is also popular.

09:44 Meri: As our name suggests, we are a club that gives back to everyone who supports amirisu. If you can join us with that kind of feeling.

09:45 Tokuko: We look forward to your participation!

09:45 Meri: Nice to meet you!