September 10, 2017

Thread came from Viola

11:01 Meri: It's piled up in the office right now

11:02 Meri: It makes me happy to look at it every day.

11:03 Tokuko: You bought yarn from Viola for the first time, right? I don't sell them to the general public.

11:04 Meri: You got some sock club yarn dyed, right?

11:05 Tokuko: Well folks, one of the Sock Club custom colors was Viola.

11:06 Meri: Huh, didn't you advertise when you sold it?

11:07 Meri: I think I did.

11:07 Tokuko: Oh, I did. excuse me.

11:07 Meri: The color name is Squirrel's Feet

11:08 Tokuko: It's so cool. I'm probably going to have one left over, so I'm excited to see if I can somehow get it.

11:08 Meri: Feeling like it's going to be a phantom color

11:09 Tokuko: Viola is America, isn't it?

11:09 Meri: It's Canada

11:09 Meri: And oh my! I had another special color made as a gift for the retreat participants.

11:10 Tokuko: That color was nice too. Nice, can I get it as a gift?

11:11 Meri: There are only 20 cases in this world.

11:11 Meri: That's cool!

11:11 Tokuko: You only dyed me 20. appreciated.

11:12 Meri: Right.

11:12 Meri: Really, the colors are subtle and exquisite. You're talented.

11:13 Tokuko: Yes. For the first time in a long time, I wanted to be serious.

11:13 Meri: I hope you have more!

11:14 Tokuko: If I can get it safely, I'll knit good socks.

11:15 Meri: Yes! It will be delivered to club members at the end of November.

11:15 Tokuko: Look forward to it.