July 18, 2017

Tern Collection

19:44 Tokuko: Tern collection kits are on sale today.

19:45 Meri: There are 4 photos on Instagram, but there are actually 5!

19:46 Tokuko: Tern is a mixture of silk and wool. It's refreshing, dyes well, and is a good yarn that's easy to knit.

19:47 Tokuko: I like it. It feels good. any color.

19:47 Meri: Yeah. All of the pink ones look good on the skin.

19:48 Meri: I like Andromeda in this kit.

19:48 Tokuko: That's good. It's Pam.

19:49 Meri: Yes. the shawl is cute too

19:50 Meri: It's very simple, and there are things that can be worn properly on a daily basis.

19:51 Tokuko: It's also good for keeping out the air conditioner. Last time, I was looking for something like that, but there's nothing good.

19:51 Meri: It's not surprising

19:52 Tokuko: I feel that it is best to knit shawls and jackets with Tern.

19:52 Meri: Paper Bird the other day is also good.

19:53 Tokuko: People in cities get cold in the summer. I also get frigid sometimes in JR.

19:54 Meri: I don't really feel it in Kyoto. When I was a company employee, I used to have a blanket in the office, but it was for summer, not winter.

19:55 Tokuko: The temperature is just right at our company. I really want to steal a shawl knitted from mYak silk.

19:55 Meri: I like stripes

19:55 Tokuko: If you don't mind, please lend it to me. I wonder if I can't.

19:56 Meri: Well, why don't you secretly take it with you when you go on a business trip to Tokyo? So I bring it home so that it won't be taken by the Tokyo store.

19:58 Tokuko: I'll try.