December 06, 2017

Purl Soho Classics is out!

07:26 Meri: Good morning. I'm on the Shinkansen at 7:05. Talk to me when you're squatting.

08:18 Tokuko: Good morning. I'm glad I was able to ride safely. you can always do it

08:18 Meri: Let's do it. and sleep

08:19 Meri: I was woken up by a tree at 4:30. Thanks to you, I didn't oversleep. I'm on the Shinkansen heading to Tokyo now.

08:19 Tokuko: It's too early. please go to sleep

08:20 Tokuko: Purl Soho Classics came out yesterday! congratulations.

08:21 Meri: Congratulations!

08:21 Meri: Arrived safely and on time

08:22 Tokuko: When I print in Japan, the delivery time is tight and I feel secure.

08:22 Meri: 1 day late because my submission was 1 day late

08:23 Tokuko: It can't be helped. I was late too. I can't remember what I was doing back then.

08:24 Meri: Was it before or after the retreat?

08:25 Tokuko: Wasn't it later? You see, I canceled the dinner with Kristin.

08:25 Meri: Sure. . . I'm sorry.

08:25 Tokuko: We were both desperate that day. by the way!

08:25 Meri: And I'm still desperate. . .

08:26 Meri: I heard the book came out-

08:27 Tokuko: Every time I release a book, I feel happy, but I'm already working on something else, so I don't feel so happy.

08:27 Meri: It happens every time. But when I receive it and hold it in my hand, I think I'm glad I made it.

08:28 Tokuko: Right. Paper is good after all.

08:28 Meri: Paper books aren't going away any time soon.

08:29 Tokuko: As a reader, I'm always excited to see my books in libraries and bookstores.

08:31 Meri: Just a few.

08:31 Meri: This book has very basic items, so I hope it will be used for a long time.

08:32 Tokuko: Yes, I'm sure there is one that can be used.

08:33 Meri: Also, the point that is different from before is the order of knitting.

08:33 Tokuko: I put in a pretty detailed flow explanation.

08:34 Tokuko: It should be easy for people who are not good at text patterns to knit.

08:35 Meri: I think it's easier to understand where and how to knit if you first look at the scheme and read the order of knitting. The scheme also has an arrow to start knitting

08:35 Tokuko: It's basically just simple knitting, so I think you'll be fine!

08:37 Tokuko: We have a complete set of kits other than arm warmers, so please take a look at those as well.

08:37 Meri: The thread is thin, but I think it's a fun pattern to knit.

08:37 Meri: Check it out!