September 23, 2017

Yarn came from Purl Soho

19:44 Meri: Purl Soho Line Weight is now available!

19:44 Tokuko: Purl Soho is a super famous store in NY.

19:45 Meri: Yes. With a unique urban world view, there are fans all over the world

19:46 Tokuko: The shop is nice too. I went last year for the first time and was impressed.

19:46 Meri: Yeah, it's full of different crafts.

7:47 Meri: I first went to the year I started knitting, at a small yarn store before we moved. But it was so busy and fun!

19:49 Tokuko: That made me big. Even now, it's not that big.

19:49 Meri: Yeah, but I'm sure the warehouse is big

19:49 Tokuko: As much as I envy you.

19:50 Meri: Huge Backyard of Dreams

19:50 Meri: It seems that the original thread now accounts for about 80%.

19:51 Tokuko: It's changed gradually.

19:52 Meri: More and more originals. The Line Weight that arrived this time is one such product.

19:53 Tokuko: Meri's recommended thread. It's easy to knit, and it's a fluffy light thread.

19:54 Meri: Yes.

19:55 Meri: I've been buying a lot of different things every time I go to New York, and I've bought this thread many times, and I think it's really useful.

19:55 Tokuko: It feels good to knit a simple piece of clothing. Of course you can also knit.

19:56 Meri: It's light and warm.

19:57 Tokuko: Yes. I wonder if that fluff makes me do that. The gauge is also common, so it should fit various patterns.

19:57 Meri: It's not hand-dyed, so it looks sophisticated

19:57 Meri: You can knit easily

19:58 Tokuko: Perfect for those looking for something that can be worn casually. Just striped or V-neck.

19:59 Meri: It's unique to single-ply, it's comfortable to knit, and it can be combined with hand-dyeing.

20:00 Tokuko: Basically, I think you can use the Fingering pattern. It is safe if you buy 3 cases.

20:00 Meri: I think it will look more mature than just hand dyeing

20:00 Meri: Yes, from 2 shawls

20:01 Tokuko: Right. We like plain thread too, don't we?

20:01 Meri: Actually, I probably knit most of the normal yarn.

20:02 Tokuko: That's right. Ordinary is fine too. Please give it a try.