July 12, 2017

pirkatane WS

19:38 Meri : Well today. Did you have anything for sale?

19:38 Tokuko: Isn't it Accessory WS ?

19:39 Meri : That's right! Long awaited!

19:40 Tokuko: I've heard about pirkatane through Habu connections, but I haven't had the chance to meet him.

19:40 Meri : I met you at idora

19:40 Tokuko: Oh yeah.

19:41 Meri : I think she's a stylish and beautiful person.

19:41 Tokuko: After that, when I learned that Kohakoma was going to hold an exhibition, Yoshi! That's why I went with two people.

19:42 Meri : Oh yeah. As we thought, the accessories you made were wonderful, and we were super excited!

19:43 Tokuko: I went shopping with excitement. I chose something unusual.

19:46 Meri : But I was really worried, they're all cute. So I asked him if he would like to hold a workshop.

19:47 Meri : Honestly, it's because I wanted to do it.

19:48 Tokuko: Earlier, I asked Mr. Ohtsuru to make mine if he had extra time.

19:48 Meri : Eh! That's right! ?

19:48 Tokuko: As requested by the president ...

19:49 Meri : Abuse of authority!

19:49 Meri : But I want to do it myself.

19:49 Tokuko: excuse me. But I don't think I have much time left.

19:50 Meri : I'll make a really nice piercing or earrings

19:50 Tokuko: Ohtsuru will participate in Tokyo and Meri will participate in Kyoto. Let's all have fun making it.

19:51 Meri : For those of you who want to solve problems with money, we will be holding an order event.

19:51 Tokuko: I will participate there.

19:51 Meri : Look forward to it!