July 21, 2017

Lichen and Lace

19:06 Tokuko: Today we're going to talk about Lichen and Lace . what brand is it? I know that the owner is the one who does the job properly.

19:08 Meri : Megan from Canada is the owner. Originally, I was running a yarn shop.

19:09 Meri : Maybe he's doing it right because he understands the feelings of the yarn shop.

19:10 Tokuko: So be. I'm disappointed if I don't make it in time for the scheduled delivery date. Really.

19:10 Meri : We have plans too.

19:11 Tokuko: My love for yarn led me to become a yarn shop, and eventually I made it myself. I feel like we're getting closer ...

19:11 Meri : I'm pretty close emotionally. . .

19:12 Meri : But I don't know the time and place.

19:12 Tokuko: Both are tight.

19:13 Meri : Lichen and Lace , the colors are really beautiful. It is a thread that is supposed to be handled as a standard. Next time I want to put winter thread in it.

19:14 Tokuko: Nice, like DK ?

19:14 Meri : Yes, knitting a sweater would be cute too.

19:14 Tokuko: Of course it's cute.

19:15 Meri : Come to think of it, Find Your Face 's recommended color matching was introduced on the blog.

19:15 Meli : https://lichenandlace.com/blogs/news/find-your-fade

19:15 Meri : If you want to knit, please do. I wonder if I can do something pretty cute. We don't stock all colors, but I think there are quite a few.

19:16 Tokuko: Oh this is amazing. My Find your fade will be completed at Knit Cafe next week.

19:17 Meri : Oh, I forgot!

19:17 Meri : It's fun.

19:17 Tokuko: It's reserved for that. It was a pattern that I couldn't finish without permission when I thought it would end without permission.

19:18 Meri : There will be a knit cafe next week. Is it Tuesday?

19:18 Tokuko: that's right. There aren't many people in Kyoto, so I really want you to come.

19:18 Meri : If you're in the area, check it out! I think I'm getting better at knitting!