May 05, 2018

It's in the middle of GW

09:02 Tokuko: Shall we do something for the first time in a while?

09:03 Meri: Yes! While eating pancakes.

09:03 Tokuko: You look great in the morning.

09:04 Meri: But I'm building from scratch so this is the time

09:04 Meri: My husband.

09:04 Tokuko: As usual.

09:05 Meri: Yes.

09:05 Tokuko: The world is still on holiday, but we are driving normally.

09:05 Tokuko: Meri has been working intermittently for several weeks now.

09:07 Meri: Yes. I want to take a weekend off soon.

09:07 Tokuko: I wonder if I can rest tomorrow.

09:07 Meri: So many things I want to do.

09:08 Meri: There's also a punch needle.

09:09 Tokuko: I use that when my PC doesn't work.

09:09 Meri: instant frustration relief

09:10 Tokuko: We start suddenly when we can't type text at all with synchronization and writing.

09:10 Meri: Forget about work

09:10 Tokuko: It's a strange company when you think about it. Pretty interesting!

09:11 Meri: At my previous company, I was treated like a problem child. good for my company

09:11 Meri: Speaking of punch needles,

09:12 Meri: Bookhou bags are now on sale

09:13 Tokuko: You don't know when you'll be able to sell this next time.

09:14 Meri: I bought it under the guise of a workshop

09:14 Meri: Looks like production can't keep up.

09:14 Tokuko: That's right! The staff are also colorful and cute.

09:15 Meri: After all, everything is handmade in the workshop. Did I mention that the couple works until 4am every day?

09:16 Tokuko: Oh yeah! That's why the price is so low.

09:17 Meri: He said it was cheap too

09:18 Tokuko: I got a pouch and a rollup. I will use it carefully.

09:19 Meri: I also have a bag. I really wanted a project bag, but I put up with it

09:19 Tokuko: Get your favorites as soon as possible!