August 25, 2017

Cotton + Steel in stock!

19:43 Meri: Lots of Cotton + Steel fabrics in stock!

19:44 Tokuko: I like botanical prints the most.

19:45 Meri: This time, we reviewed all the prints that Cotton + Steel has and chose the cutest ones. I think there are many good things.

19:46 Tokuko: The banana pattern and rabbit are cute too. That's a funny rabbit, isn't it?

19:47 Meri: Yes, it's difficult because rabbits tend to look like characters, but this looks like it could be used as clothes.

19:48 Meri: Black and white dandelions are cute too.

19:48 Tokuko: Cotton + Steel is an American manufacturer, but it's made in Japan.

19:49 Meri: Yes. Do you feel like a reverse import?

19:49 Meri: American print fabrics seem to have different likes and dislikes. .

19:50 Tokuko: I wonder if Japanese technology is superior.

19:51 Meri: I'm not sure, but it seems to be a very easy fabric to sew, even from a professional's point of view.

19:52 Tokuko: Even I, a beginner, had no problems, so it's okay!

19:52 Tokuko: It was the one with the gold leaf pattern on it, but it doesn't seem to fall off so far.

19:53 Meri: Is it just the iron that needs attention?

19:53 Tokuko: It's normal, but I'm fine. This is.

19:54 Meri: Oh yeah. I didn't have to worry about anything

19:54 Tokuko: At first I was timid, but gradually I became bolder.

19:54 Meri: I can imagine. smile

19:54 Tokuko: Cool.

19:54 Meri: One thing I would like to mention is that the popular Ball of Balls and Octopus have been discontinued.

19:54 Meri: The octopus has stocked up.

19:55 Tokuko: I wonder if we were the only ones who were popular...

19:55 Meri: Even the supplier said it was popular.

19:56 Meri: We have the last ball of yarn in stock, so if you're interested, now's the time.

19:56 Meri: We're running low.

19:56 Tokuko: I'm very disappointed, but I can't help it.

19:57 Meri: Well, it looks like there's only one color.

19:59 Meri: Anyway, we've got a new pattern, so I'd like you to try tank tops from now on.

19:59 Tokuko: Summer isn't over yet!

19:59 Meri: Hey, I'm making two.