July 11, 2017


20:14 Meri: Did we talk about BT's KAL?

20:14 Tokuko: I didn't.

20:15 Meri: It started from Tanabata last week. I wanted to sell the kit by then, but I was a little late.

20:16 Tokuko: I couldn't do PC work because I was in Tokyo.

20:16 Meri: Yes. I move a lot.

20:17 Tokuko: But I started knitting from Tanabata.

20:17 Meri: Hey, isn't it already the last spurt?

20:17 Meri: I'm glad you mentioned that you can participate in knitting as well.

20:18 Tokuko: I was playing KAL alone. I don't have to look at the chart anymore, so I feel comfortable!

20:18 Meri: You're knitting Rock Island. Rock Island and Brora kits released today!

20:19 Meri: Unfortunately we don't have much Vale in stock. . .

20:19 Tokuko: That's too bad. Please hurry.

20:19 Tokuko: This is actually my second time knitting Rock Island.

20:20 Meri: Both are traditional Shetland shawls, but the knitting order is different, so I recommend trying both.

20:20 Tokuko: I don't have the previous one because I gave it to you as a gift. I like it so much that I can knit two.

20:21 Meri: Right. I want to knit another one too.

20:21 Meri: But I'd like to see the Brora arc.

20:21 Tokuko: Meri-san also knitted with a different thread.

20:22 Meri: Yeah. Thread selection is important. Experienced speaks. By all means in Vale.

20:22 Tokuko: Once you've finished repeating that edge, all that's left is fun!

20:22 Meri: It's got a nice edge, so get over it.

20:23 Tokuko: But this time, you definitely won't get it. I think this motivation of knitting two pieces is funny.

20:23 Meri: I don't get it.

20:23 Meri: And from today, I'll be translating and introducing BT's blog.

20:23 Meri: Please look forward to it!