September 08, 2017

BT fair begins

19:43 Meri : BT Fair starts tomorrow

19:44 Tokuko: Start from the Kyoto store. I have lots of samples.

19:44 Meri : I haven't seen it yet, I have to try it on at the store tomorrow!

19:45 Tokuko: For some reason, I also brought the Yane I had. Please take it home when you're done. Maybe it was handed to me because I couldn't wear it last year.

19:46 Meri : Maybe they forgot I got it.

19:47 Meri : All BT threads can be reserved along with the sample display. Normally, you can't pre-order items until you've received your clothes, but during this fair, you can pre-order from 1 case since it's the beginning of the season.

19:48 Tokuko: I've collected all kinds of yarn works, so you can check the texture and feel before buying the yarn!

19:49 Meri : That's right!

19:49 Tokuko: There are already 5 types.

19:49 Meri : By the way, BT 's fall collection is coming out soon.

19:49 Meri : We plan to make that kit available for pre-order. It hasn't been released yet, so I can't.

19:50 Tokuko: I did my best to translate it. good job for today.

19:50 Meri : Yes, I'm tired! ! ! However, there are various good patterns, so it was worth doing.

19:51 Tokuko: I'm a braided guy, I'm going to knit. I thought of a way to avoid being taken as a sample.

19:51 Meri : Oh yeah. That's cute. I like it the most. I like Gudrun too. No, I'm looking forward to it!

19:52 Meri : Hey, is it trendy for men to wear skirts now?

19:52 Tokuko: Eh, this is completely new to me.

19:53 Meri : Imami's pot says that it's a second-hand clothing store exclusively for men and focuses on skirts!

19:53 Meri : Like a fluffy pleated skirt! impact.

19:54 Tokuko: Women can wear both pants and skirts, but men can wear only pants, which might be boring.

19:55 Tokuko: But if my husband says to wear it, don't think about it ... I feel like it doesn't suit me.

19:55 Meri : That's right. It was worn by a tall, muscular man. . I felt like I was getting old, thinking that the world would change.

19:56 Tokuko: Fashion is profound.

19:56 Meri : Yeah.

19:57 Meri : It feels like men are more particular about fashion.

19:58 Meri : Speaking of which, so does BT .

19:58 Tokuko: There are plenty of men's patterns, so I recommend it. Most of the accessories are basically unisex designs!

19:58 Merry : Please start preparing for Christmas presents