April 14, 2018


08:52 Meri: Good morning

08:54 Tokuko: It's a little chilly today, so I'm wearing a Fair Isle vest.

08:54 Meri: It's still the season for haori and things like that, isn't it?

08:55 Tokuko: Yes. For some reason, thin cardigans are very popular this year.

08:57 Tokuko: Why didn't I buy this before! And I'm secretly knitting it for next year.

08:57 Meri: I wear layers this time of year.

08:57 Meri: What have you been wearing all this time?

08:57 Meri: Spring means cardigans.

08:58 Tokuko: I can't remember... but I didn't wear a shirt. before.

08:58 Meri: Your body type looks good in a shirt! Because I don't like front-opening shirts.

08:59 Tokuko: I don't know why. I don't know myself.

08:59 Meri: I started knitting Blossom, though. Yay.

08:59 Tokuko: Ah, finally!

09:00 Tokuko: Kits have been on sale since the day before yesterday.

09:00 Meri: The first row was hard, but now I'm having fun knitting it again

09:01 Meri: Maybe Nomad is easier to knit. Because TML doesn't grow

09:01 Tokuko: That's right.

09:02 Tokuko: You've known Mr. Sawada, the designer, for a long time. We first met at Starbucks.

09:02 Meri: Is that so?

09:02 Meri: Why?

09:03 Tokuko: You used to run an amirisu knit cafe in Tokyo, you rented a place.

09:03 Meri: yeah you did

09:04 Tokuko: Before heading there, I was at Starbucks near the station, and people stared at me a lot. I wondered who it was, and it was Mr. Sawada who came to the knit cafe!

09:04 Meri: Hey!

09:04 Meri: And we've been together for a really long time.

09:05 Tokuko: That's right. And finally a designer! Congratulations.

09:05 Meri: You're busy, but you're amazing

09:06 Tokuko: I think it's a good example that you can do anything if you have the motivation, even if you don't have time.

09:07 Meri: Really. I have to emulate!

09:08 Tokuko: Blossom is very nice, so please check it out. Please join KAL too!

09:09 Meri: Samidare has started