July 02, 2019

Please cooperate with simple packaging!

10:36 Meri: Just got to Starbucks, wait a minute

10:38 meri: that babe is here today

10:38 Meri: But it's normal. don't know

10:39 Tokuko: I hope you stay until I go

10:39 Meri: Seeking a second opinion

10:41 Meri: What are you talking about, looking for models for magazines. Sudden kuwadate start

10:42 Tokuko: We are checking if there are any good people in various places.

10:43 Meri: If you suddenly start talking to me with a magazine, think of it as a model. perhaps.

10:43 Meri: This is how I'm looking for models

10:44 Tokuko: Well, today we're talking about a request for simple packaging.

10:44 Meri: Yes, yes.

10:45 Tokuko: See my blog for details, but I'm trying to reduce plastic waste as much as possible.

10:47 Meri: Yes. As a company, we are trying to reduce the number of disposable items, but I wondered if there was anything else we could do.

10:48 Tokuko: Have you seen the scary news footage? That turtle thing, that plastic garbage that floats in the sea in large quantities.

10:49 Meri: It's like that because the wind blows it out to sea. But that's because I'm using it in the first place.

10:49 Tokuko: I'm already scared! I especially don't want to see the turtle crying again.

10:50 Meri: That's scary, and I was shocked by the microfiber article.

10:50 Meri: Reducing waste is really hard. After all, most things come in plastic containers and packaging.

10:51 Tokuko: It's a pretty good material, so of course it's impossible to stop all of them suddenly, but I think we can reduce excessive packaging.

10:52 Meri: Wait, I thought we were in too. We also get coffee from the store, but unfortunately the vinyl goes to the trash. It hurt my conscience.

10:53 Tokuko: We can do something about quitting packaging.

10:54 Meri: Oh yeah. Customers must understand this.

10:54 Meri: I just published a blog

10:55 Tokuko: Even if we stop using plastic, we believe that the quality of our products will be delivered to you without any problems.

10:56 Meri: If you have any questions, please let us know. However, amirisu will continue to aim to be an environmentally friendly company.

10:57 Tokuko: I would be very happy if you would join us in taking action for the sake of the global environment!