May 09, 2019

no more quantity

09:04 Tokuko: Couldn't we have a scheme?

09:04 Meri: I'm making it up, but I can do it

09:05 Tokuko: Finally, the dreaded Golden Week and moving are over.

09:06 Meri: Thank you. A few more days would have been life threatening.

09:06 Tokuko: I heard someone on the news said they still want to take a break.

09:07 Tokuko: No! I thought.

09:07 Meri: Huh. no no

09:07 Meri: Well, some people do. someone who doesn't have small children

09:08 Tokuko: I want to work. About a week is best. on rest.

09:09 Meri: I think so now

09:09 Tokuko: I'm glad I did what I wanted to do!

09:10 Meri: I wish I had more time to work

09:11 Meri: Now we are desperately preparing for Popup behind the scenes.

09:11 Meri: Preparations are underway for the May/June event

09:11 Tokuko: It's a heap. I look at the calendar and make adjustments.

09:12 Meri: Every week feels like something

09:13 Tokuko: We will bring a huge amount of La Bien Aimée, so don't miss this opportunity!

09:14 Meri: I bought more than ever

09:14 Tokuko: Meri, I hope you didn't have to go to Edinburgh so desperately to buy.

09:14 Meri: but the popular color is amazing

09:14 Tokuko: Alright! i will choose too

09:14 Meri: I had the ambition to knit a sample by then

09:15 Meri: But let's see the real thing and choose the color.

09:15 Tokuko: That venue was chaotic.

09:15 Meri: I couldn't find my favorite color because it was too crowded

09:15 Meri: There was a monster too

09:16 Tokuko: Kaiju did a great job back then. anyway! pleasure! you know.

09:16 Meri: Looking forward to the June event

09:17 Tokuko: An announcement is coming soon. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in various places.