May 09, 2019

Kyushu Triumph!

09:54 Tokuko: I just got on the quiet Nara Line.

09:55 Meri: Between Golden Week and the school trip, both Kyoto and Nara are at a standstill.

09:56 Tokuko: Come now! That's what it feels like. GW was also very crowded in Nara.

09:56 Meri: Quiet and easy to catch a taxi.

09:58 Tokuko: Yesterday, the exhibition of amirisu No. 18 was announced, but we're going to Fukuoka!

09:58 Meri: Yes. I'm going to Fukuoka, so I decided to have an exhibition in a hurry.

09:59 Meri: Tokuko is from Fukuoka, but my mother is from Oita, so most of my relatives live in Kyushu.

10:00 Tokuko: It's a great plan to be able to go home after work.

10:01 Meri: You have to be filial once in a while

10:01 Meri: I don't think I'll be very filial. . .

10:02 Tokuko: You seemed a little unhappy. It's like he wasn't home even though he boasted that he would come back.

10:03 Meri: Moreover, the Tanaka family will come with monsters. excuse me.

10:04 Tokuko: The other side is my nephew and I'm used to it, so it's okay. I'm looking forward to it.

10:04 Meri: Good.

10:04 Meri: The event was at the stylish amuhibiknit.

10:05 Tokuko: When I contacted them without any reason, they kindly accepted.

10:06 Meri: I'm so excited. You said you wanted to go to Fukuoka from before.

10:06 Meri: For several years now.

10:06 Tokuko: That's right. I'm so happy with the triumphant return of Kyushu! We will also be holding a knit cafe, so please join us.

10:07 Meri: Apply to amuhibiknit.

10:08 Tokuko: I'm excited to speak in the Nagasaki dialect! I am looking forward to meeting you all.