February 20, 2019

yarn club

09:50 Tokuko: The warmth of spring today. The season is coming when you are wondering what to wear every day.

09:50 Meri: When I went out wearing a thin jacket and scarf this morning, I didn't need a scarf!

09:51 Tokuko: It's pretty warm during the day. surely.

09:52 Meri: Starting today. Hooray! Yesterday was also Tuesday morning, but it wasn't cold at the company.

09:53 Tokuko: Spring is finally coming to Kyoto. I'm working on wool even in spring.

09:53 Tokuko: Right now we're working on magazines and preparing for the Yarn Club.

09:54 Meri: Will the yarn club be ready for sale soon?

09:55 Tokuko: This year's project is quite wonderful.

09:55 Meri: Collaboration of 3 brands and 3 designers

09:57 Meri: This time we asked outside designers

09:56 Tokuko: The pattern was a bonus the first time.

09:58 Tokuko: Everyone is looking forward to the attached pattern, isn't it?

09:59 Meri: Last time, I designed it to match the yarn.

09:59 Meri: But this time it looks like the design will make even more use of the quality of the yarn.

10:01 Tokuko: Oh yeah.

10:01 Tokuko: Yarn is good too.

10:01 Meri: All limited colors!

10:02 Tokuko: I can only buy it at home.

10:02 Tokuko: Both of us are ready to take it.

10:03 Meri: Because it's cool.

10:03 Meri: Stay tuned for the sale!