February 07, 2019

Is it spring soon?

11:20 Meri: Did you take the train? thank you for your business trip

11:27 Tokuko: Thank you for waiting

11:28 Tokuko: Nagoya right now.

11:29 Meri: It's been a while. I am working from home today.

11:30 Tokuko: Like recording a podcast.

11:31 Meri: Oh yeah. The good thing about our work is that we can do it anywhere, except for meetings with everyone and work that looks at the yarn and thinks about it.

11:33 Tokuko: I've been working in front of a computer for the first time in a while these past few days, so my eyes are really tired.

11:33 Meri: Me too!

11:34 Tokuko: After all, not using it is the best thing for your eyes.

11:35 Meri: My chiropractor also told me that cervical misalignment can be corrected over and over again if you're a PC user. Well, I guess there is also an attitude.

11:36 Tokuko: It can't be helped. That's all.

11:36 Meri: It's a problem everyone has.

11:37 Tokuko: Tokyo seems to be sunny today. It was really difficult to make a bag.

11:38 Meri: It's warm here too, I made a mistake wearing a coat to daycare

11:39 Meri: I can't believe it's going to be cold tomorrow

11:40 Tokuko: Really! We are also preparing for spring wool.

11:40 Meri: You're busy with that right now. I'm already putting all my effort into preparations for spring.

11:41 Tokuko: I'm thinking of checking out the customary clothing stores on this business trip.

11:42 Meri: Please, please. I don't have time and I can't do it myself, so I'm expecting it.

11:42 Tokuko: Just hope it doesn't snow on Saturday!

11:44 Meri: I hope it doesn't rain. But I don't know. Everyone please stay warm.