January 17, 2019

Go for it, Nishikori!

08:47 Tokuko: Trying to make a plan

08:53 Meri: I'm finally leaving

08:53 Tokuko: Thank you for your hard work.

08:55 Meri: You seem to think it's normal to stay at home because you've been on vacation for a long time

08:56 Tokuko: Habits are important, aren't they? Even adults don't like working after holidays.

08:57 Meri: I'm wondering if this is a slacking habit

08:57 Tokuko: I finished knitting the second body part of Sweater Club yesterday.

08:58 Meri: Just a little bit more

08:58 Tokuko: I was repeatedly putting on and taking off by myself. The idea I had in mind worked well.

08:58 Meri: It's fun

08:59 Tokuko: My husband is already used to this fitting that suddenly starts.

08:59 Tokuko: No comments when I started.

09:00 Meri: Right. 20 years indeed

09:00 Tokuko: I think it's a pretty funny picture.

09:01 Tokuko: Wearing unfinished things with threads, mumbling in front of the mirror and taking pictures.

09:01 Meri: Well.

09:02 Meri: Today is Nishikori's match

09:02 Meri: Sorry to miss you

09:02 Tokuko: I'm totally addicted to it.

09:03 Meri: No, I don't usually watch it, but when I start watching it, it's interesting and I'm rooting for Nishikori

09:03 Tokuko: Hope we're winning until we're in Australia!

09:03 Meri: Hey!

09:02 Meri: Instagram live after 10:00.

09:04 Tokuko: It's been a while since we did an Instagram live. We have a lot of new products, so I'm going to introduce you to them!

09:04 Meri: Stay tuned!