January 17, 2019

Happy New Year!

09:48 Tokuko: Happy New Year.

09:48 Meri: Happy New Year!

09:49 Meri: I hope you have a great year.

09:49 Tokuko: Yeah. Hope it's not as hard as last year.

09:51 Meri: Last year was tough. i forgot

09:51 Tokuko: Didn't you move or renovate?

09:51 Meri: There! it was

09:51 Tokuko: I don't want to move this year, but I'm disappointed because I'm moving.

09:52 Meri: It's almost here. after a long time.

09:52 Tokuko: It's better than the store, though.

09:53 Meri: This year is already full of plans

09:53 Tokuko: Three overseas business trips have already been decided.

09:54 Meri: Hi.

09:54 Tokuko: I hate looking at the yearly calendar, I don't have time! I think.

09:55 Meri: Before I knew it, my calendar was already full of appointments.

09:55 Tokuko: This year will end at a frightening speed.

09:56 Meri: We have a lot of fun knitting projects.

09:56 Meri: Speaking of fun, I accidentally got an extra lucky bag yesterday, didn't I?

09:57 Tokuko: You bought it right away! It was a great competition again this year.

09:58 Meri: I did my best again this year. It will be shipped sequentially from this week.

09:59 Tokuko: The shop is open from today. Please come and visit us.

09:59 Meri: We are waiting for you!