November 24, 2018

first holiday

09:41 Meri: I'm done with the applenut pancakes.

09:42 Tokuko: You've been eating fancy food since morning.

09:43 Meri: Looks like there's a recipe you wanted to try

09:43 Tokuko: I will join you someday.

09:44 Meri: Please. Breakfast is always in a good mood.

09:44 Tokuko: Okay! The holiday corner is finally open from today!

09:44 Meri: Finally!

09:44 Tokuko: It's a fun project every year.

09:45 Meri: Today we have the first, maybe even the third.

09:46 Tokuko: It's amazing from the first one. I just bought it for this purpose.

09:47 Meri: I did it right

09:47 Tokuko: Huh, were you worried? There was also a final push.

09:47 Meri: I've been doing this for so long that I'm starting to get confused

09:47 Meri: All the items I don't usually deal with.

09:48 Tokuko: That's right. Pretty lineup.

09:48 Tokuko: Don't miss this opportunity!