November 15, 2018


10:26 Tokuko: Good morning. If you notice, Starbucks is also playing Christmas songs.

10:27 Meri: Yes, it's Christmas. Even though issue 17 is finally over and it feels like autumn.

10:29 Tokuko: Holidays come quickly.

10:29 Meri: I have to think about family gift exchanges again this year. . .

10:30 Meri: Only one month left!

10:30 Tokuko: It's hard every year.

10:31 Meri: That's right. Even though my husband and children are annoying, I don't usually meet them at all.

10:31 Meri: Good luck to all the spouses

10:31 Tokuko: I feel that the end of the year is hard in every country.

10:33 Tokuko: I'm just going back to my husband's parents' house. I'll give you a New Year's gift.

10:36 Meri: Right.

10:37 Meri: Amirisu is also working hard to prepare holiday items!

10:37 Tokuko: You're pretty much ready, aren't you?

10:38 Meri: Right. result of diligent efforts.

10:40 Tokuko: I can't wait to introduce you!