October 18, 2018

have a secret

09:17 Meri: good morning

09:18 Tokuko: Nice weather today. I have been working hard since morning.

09:18 Meri: It's getting cooler this morning

09:18 Tokuko: Yesterday, we went on sale for our “first sweater,” but they didn’t have enough yarn and it seems to have sold out. excuse me.

09:19 Meri: I'll get it again.

09:19 Tokuko: Please wait a moment. It will probably go on sale again this weekend!

09:21 Tokuko: But you still have something to sell. Starting today, I'll do my best.

09:21 Meri: Yes.

09:21 Meri: Also, new threads have arrived!

09:22 Tokuko: Yes. The 3rd floor has been cleaned up a lot, and the atmosphere is ready for sale.

09:23 Meri: Farmers Daughters have secrets too

09:23 Tokuko: All I'm hiding

09:24 Meri: I'll do my best to put them out one by one

09:24 Tokuko: The shop is being updated daily. looking forward to!