October 09, 2018


09:00 Meri: good morning

09:00 Meri: I have a slight cold

09:00 Tokuko: Aren't you tired from the holidays?

09:02 Meri: My throat is sore from allergies. I hope it doesn't get any worse than this

09:02 Meri: Glad the typhoon wasn't too big

09:03 Tokuko: It was hot in Tokyo! I felt sorry for the students.

09:03 Meri: When I thought I could finally wear a knit.

09:04 Tokuko: Maybe from this weekend. When autumn returns.

09:04 Meri: I hope it cools down soon

09:05 Tokuko: This week I'd like to release the long-awaited BT.

09:05 Meri: finally

09:06 Tokuko: I never thought I'd take Kansai airport damage in this way.

09:06 Meri: Moving was more difficult than I expected.

09:06 Meri: yes there is

09:06 Meri: I'm in trouble because everything goes to Kawasaki

09:06 Tokuko: I feel like I'm being swayed by various things every day.

09:07 Meri: It feels like there's some kind of invisible force at work that you can't resist

09:07 Tokuko: But I think it was always like that. It takes a lot of force to turn the wheels.

09:08 Meri: Then there's the Kansai Airport problem.

09:08 Meri: But we're all doing our best!

09:08 Tokuko: I'm busy, but I want to do a live show this week.

09:08 Meri: Hey!

09:09 Meri: I'm sure you can

09:09 Tokuko: Please look forward to it.