July 14, 2017

We have nothing to wear.

22:40 Meri : When I brought a bag of harvested perilla to Yoshida Kitchen, I got a free plate.

22:41 Tokuko: You did it.

22:42 Tokuko: The sample of the pattern that will be released next week is in the process of being acclaimed.

22:42 Meri : Just a little longer! fun

22:42 Tokuko: It's a little different from what I envisioned, but it suits Meri so it's no problem.

22:43 Meri : It suits me!

22:43 Tokuko: I don't wear it anyway

22:43 Meri : Certainly ... it looked good on me too, but I can't wear it anyway ...

22:44 Tokuko: As for me, I have a lot of feelings that I want to give.

22:44 Meri : I'll get it secretly soon

22:45 Tokuko: I used to knit all the yarn I bought, but I can't do it anymore.

22:46 Meri : I can't knit at all. I'm so sorry.

22:46 Tokuko: I really envy my customers sometimes.

22:47 Meri : I'm pretty frustrated and hoarding yarn. She knits amazingly.

22:48 Tokuko: I'm giving up Summer is fine, but winter is a problem. I have nothing to wear.

22:49 Meri : Hey. It's almost time to return the one I knitted the year before last.

22:49 Tokuko: I can't buy anything that looks hand-knitted, and even if I knit it, it will be taken away. I'm in a lot of trouble.

22:50 Meri : After all, let's bet on free knitting during summer vacation and winter vacation.