September 11, 2018

autumn air

08:51 Meri: Good morning

08:52 Tokuko: The autumn air has changed.

08:52 Meri: It's getting cooler

08:53 Tokuko: I'm wearing long sleeves. finally.

08:55 Meri: Fast!

08:55 Meri: But maybe beach sandals are no more

08:56 Tokuko: It's pretty cold. Morning and evening. From now on, the season to worry about what to wear.

08:57 Meri: Right. It's cardigan season

08:57 Tokuko: Probably this week in a cardigan kit from Parade.

08:57 Meri: Finally.

08:58 Meri: Oh, I mean, a new yomirisu.

08:58 Tokuko: Oh yeah. I will send it to the supporters club this week.

08:59 Meri: I'll ship it tomorrow

08:59 Tokuko: The content is autumnal.

09:00 Meri: Oh, it's finally autumn. I've been knitting mittens since yesterday. You excited

09:01 Tokuko: I hope you can enjoy autumn for a long time this year.