September 07, 2018

Moving is over

09:19 Meri: good morning

09:20 Tokuko: Good morning from Tokyo.

09:20 Meri: After the typhoon, I think everyone is worried about the earthquake.

09:21 Tokuko: It's been a really tough year.

09:22 Meri: I'm worried and I'm thinking of looking at the active fault map again

09:22 Meri: Also the ground map.

09:23 Tokuko: Nara is a relatively safe land, isn't it? But let's find out.

09:24 Tokuko: We were late due to a typhoon, but we have completed the move.

09:25 Meri: Work has resumed, but shipping work has been slow since yesterday.

09:25 Meri: I had to move the package to the warehouse, so I'm still sorting it out, sorry for the inconvenience

09:26 Tokuko: But you did it. to this point!

09:27 Meri: Construction has successfully started

09:28 Tokuko: We'll do our best to finish the magazine next. I will write the manuscript

09:29 Meri: I hope that by the time the magazine comes out you will have peace of mind. Everyone in Hokkaido, I think it's time to look at the kuwadate, but I'm praying for your safety and a speedy recovery.