August 29, 2018

Something delicious!

11:18 Meri: I'm on the train

11:18 Tokuko: Hello.

11:19 Tokuko: Thinking about shooting from now on, I wore a three-quarter sleeve shirt. so hot

11:22 Meri: yeah, i noticed i was wearing flip flops when i got to the station

11:23 Tokuko: Isn't that good?

11:23 Meri: I've been relatively dressed up

11:23 Meri: Okay!

11:24 Meri: I'm interviewing today.

11:24 Tokuko: Moving, magazines, everything.

11:24 Meri: It's true.

11:24 Tokuko: Every day we check on what we should do tomorrow.

11:25 Meri: I still have a meeting with the designer, and the shooting is just around the corner. I can't get up in the morning these days

11:26 Tokuko: It's not going to end, it's progressing.

11:27 Meri: Yeah. We both do our best not to get punctured

11:27 Meri: At least eat something delicious

11:28 Tokuko: After submitting the manuscript for the magazine, let's go somewhere. to eat something delicious.

11:29 Meri: Oh! Let's go!

11:29 Tokuko: Let's book now

11:29 Meri: suddenly motivated

11:29 Meri: We have a new restaurant!

11:29 Tokuko: Good! There it is!

11:29 Meri: Alright!

11:29 Tokuko: Go for it us!