August 21, 2018

Summer vacation is over

08:50 Meri: Good morning

08:51 Tokuko: It's been a long time since I've been with this company.

08:51 Meri: Welcome back!

08:52 Tokuko: I feel like I can't rest any longer.

08:52 Meri: You're pretty relaxed

08:53 Tokuko: Right. Never before!

08:53 Meri: nice

08:53 Tokuko: I think the biggest thing is that we have more jobs to ask.

08:53 Meri: Even if it's a day off, it's hard to rest

08:53 Meri: Sure. good thing

08:55 Tokuko: But in a faraway country, I checked to make sure my salary was paid properly.

08:55 Meri: okay, got paid

08:57 Tokuko: Next to me, approve the dispatcher for work. I thought you two were doing something wrong!

08:58 Meri: That's right. It's not really good, but unfortunately most working people in the world are in the same situation

08:58 Tokuko: I can't help it. Because I'm in the prime of my life. I will enjoy working again from today.

08:58 Meri: Change your mind!

08:58 Tokuko: This week, various kits will be released. I was in a hurry to work on a translation project. yesterday.

08:59 Meri: You've been preparing for a long time, haven't you? Before you know it, it's already the second half of August

08:59 Tokuko: Knitting will enter autumn and winter after the Bon Festival!

09:00 Meri: It's time for wool

09:00 Tokuko: Think about autumn and winter.

09:01 Meri: We have a lot to prepare, so please look forward to it!