August 10, 2018

Various for sale

08:47 Tokuko: I'm on the train

08:48 Meri: Good morning!

08:49 Tokuko: Before I knew it, I had six mosquito bites.

08:49 Meri: Oh! I also have one on the way home.

08:50 Tokuko: I'm glad it's mosquito-friendly.

08:50 Meri: I've been taking it easy for a while, but I need to get some mosquito control again.

08:50 Tokuko: You put a lot of things on sale yesterday, didn't you?

08:51 Meri: Yes. Pre-orders for fabrics, kits, and pompoms are also available.

08:52 Tokuko: I introduced you on Instagram Live yesterday.

08:53 Meri: I would love to see you wearing the kit especially.

08:53 Meri: Cloth too, you can see the size of the pattern

08:53 Tokuko: Yes. I put it in front of my body.

08:54 Meri: what shall we make

08:55 Tokuko: A dress or a skirt. I'm taking a break from sewing this year.

08:55 Meri: Right. A skirt would be nice too!

08:55 Tokuko: If it's the dress you made last time, you can make it again.

08:56 Meri: Good. I have a Farrow Dress pattern, so maybe that's it

08:56 Tokuko: When I wear that, I feel confident that I've made it myself.

08:57 Meri: Cute. Everyone, please enjoy summer vacation!