August 08, 2018

yesterday's sunset

08:51 Tokuko: I'm on the train

09:00 Meri: Just got home. sweaty

09:01 Tokuko: Good job. I'm wearing a jacket on a cold train.

09:01 Meri: I envy you.

09:02 Tokuko: It's hard when it's cold. But yesterday's evening sky was amazing! It was scary.

09:04 Meri: It seems that amazing scenery was observed in various places

09:04 Meri: You left the office at just the right time

09:05 Tokuko: I was on the train, but everything was pink. It ended so quickly, but what happened?

09:05 Meri: It looked like it was humid yesterday so maybe

09:06 Tokuko: Is that so?

09:06 Meri: I think I learned that in school back in the day.

09:06 Tokuko: So, after returning home, I tried knitting the same one, so today is the study meeting.

09:07 Tokuko: Don't forget your book.

09:07 Meri: Oh. Autumn knitting. you're preparing

09:07 Meri: bag it now

09:08 Tokuko: I've already decided on most of my plans for the rest of the year, so I'm just going to do my best.

09:09 Meri: I'll do my best

09:10 Meri: It's pretty much decided until around November

09:10 Tokuko: It's so hot.

09:11 Meri: Fall is just around the corner

09:11 Tokuko: Really. After Obon, I'll start running towards winter

09:11 Tokuko: I'll do my best again today.