July 21, 2018

the same lunch

11:07 Tokuko: Supporters Club Knit Cafe is in Tokyo today. I'm on the Shinkansen now.

11:08 Meri: I'm on my way too

11:08 Meri: Leave the kids and have a girls-only lunch with your best friends! Yay

11:08 Tokuko: It's been a while. good for you

11:09 Meri: I can eat slowly myself!

11:09 Tokuko: Once in a while. I need to eat a delicious lunch.

11:10 Meri: Right. After that, a fun knit cafe. Even though it's work, it's always fun.

11:10 Tokuko: It's a great two hours if you don't mind me telling you.

11:10 Tokuko: Also, delicious sweets are always included. I bought some steamed buns today.

11:11 Meri: You did it.

11:11 Tokuko: I thought you'd be happy.

11:11 Meri: Bring from Kyoto!

11:12 Tokuko: Since the other day, I've been uploading one blog after another for the Supporters Club, but the deadline is on the 23rd, so what's going on?

11:12 Meri: Next Monday. Two and a half days left.

11:13 Meri: We often get inquiries outside of the recruitment period, so please let us know this time.

11:13 Tokuko: I always think about adding new services when updating, but there are quite a few this time. Eyeball.

11:13 Meri: You think about things every time. how can i make it better

11:14 Tokuko: And since the world is constantly releasing new services, I wondered if I could somehow use them.

11:14 Meri: It's getting more convenient

11:14 Tokuko: This time around, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and go big on Instagram.

11:15 Meri: A little fun

11:15 Tokuko: You'll quickly notice that our lunches are roughly the same.

11:16 Meri: Huh, are you going to post them separately?

11:16 Tokuko: No no. It's like I'm going round and round in the same place. It doesn't look like a replacement.

11:18 Meri: and eats more or less the same

11:18 Meri: Eating out for this!

11:18 Meri: Oh, we're getting there.

11:19 Tokuko: Then, have a nice lunch! see you.