July 03, 2018

Thinking of a design

08:49 Tokuko: I'm on the train.

09:10 Meri: good morning

09:11 Tokuko: Good morning.

09:12 Meri: Struggling with a design

09:14 Tokuko: Oh yeah. I think it's cute.

09:15 Meri: Easy and cute is hard

09:16 Tokuko: There's a trade-off there. The same applies to any craft.

09:17 Meri: I'm thinking of a hooking pattern. But I'm worried about the color again

09:18 Tokuko: I think about colors. Meri's guy was cute too.

09:20 Meri: All right.

09:21 Meri: But you know. It was difficult because I wanted to combine only the colors of the yarn I brought home.

09:21 Tokuko: Right. It's easy if you put all the colors on the desk and think about it.

09:22 Meri: I want to think about it this morning and start working on a sample

09:23 Tokuko: Will it be available next month?

09:23 Meri: I think you can

09:24 Tokuko: I want to try it! For those who say, please wait until then.

09:24 Meri: It's a punch needle!

09:25 Tokuko: It's so easy that even kids should try it. Good for summer vacation.

09:31 Meri: I'll do my best for a while longer