June 20, 2018

during jet lag

13:21 Meri : Do you want to do it?

13:22 Tokuko : Good. Eating a salad for lunch.

13:23 Meri : It's been a long time. I just looked at the top page and the date was 5/31

13:24 Tokuko : It's been 20 days. I'm sick and I'm still in America.

13:24 Meri : Oh yeah.

13:25 Meri : And for two weeks, we were together every day from morning till night.

13:25 Tokuko : It's not easy to chat.

13:26 Meri : I never use LINE

13:27 Tokuko : I came back on the day of the earthquake, but the shop and staff are safe!

13:28 Meri : Thanks to you, I was able to withstand the shaking

13:28 Meri : We were above the sky

13:29 Tokuko : You were surprised. I received an email from a customer, but everyone is doing well.

13:30 Meri : When I arrived on Facebook , I found out that my husband was writing about various things. . .

13:30 Meri : Everyone in Osaka, I know it's still hard, but I hope knitting will help you find peace of mind.

13:31 Tokuko : So, I started work yesterday!

13:31 Meri : I feel like I'm pitching with all my might, but my body can't keep up

13:32 Meri : I'm being abused by a 1 year old who has no concept of jet lag

13:32 Tokuko : It can't be helped. All this.

13:32 Meri : Yeah

13:32 Tokuko : I feel like I'm almost there.

13:33 Meri : On the days I danced and dived from 4:00 .

13:33 Tokuko : After all, it's 4 o'clock. I'm with you

13:33 Meri : No, personally I've been hungry since around 2:00 . My husband gave up and got up at 4 o'clock

13:34 Tokuko : Do ​​your best Tanaka family.

13:34 Meri : Great

13:34 Meri : Just a little bit more.

13:34 Meri : Right now, the extension cord is broken, probably because of the earthquake, so I can't use the microwave. The child fell asleep yesterday without being able to prepare the meal.

13:35 Tokuko : I see. Thank you for your hard work.

13:36 Meri : Mr. Hironaka will get dermatitis, and the effects of the earthquake can be seen in places like this.

13:36 Tokuko : I'm fine

13:37 Meri : All that's left is to put the weight back on.

13:37 Tokuko : Hmm, it was. do one's best.