May 23, 2018

Subscription started!

09:21 Meri: I'll be home soon. Do you want to squat?

09:22 Tokuko: Hope you're feeling well! I just got on the train.

09:24 Meri: I caught a cold. I wasn't just tired

09:24 Tokuko: But you were tired and your immunity was low. I feel sick every time the magazine ends.

09:25 Meri: I see. I'm glad it wasn't just before boarding the plane.

09:27 Tokuko: Really. I was about to become a caregiver again. A cold is something that usually gets worse while traveling.

09:27 Meri: I haven't been sleeping much lately

09:28 Tokuko: I hope it picks up this week. Waiting for the magazine now.

09:30 Meri: We're stuck at nothing

09:31 Tokuko: I'm in trouble! I want to do something this week.

09:31 Tokuko: For the time being, the regular subscription has started, so if you'd like, go there.

09:33 Meri: Oh, if you're wondering if I had a subscription, if you haven't contacted me asking if it's OK in Japanese, then your subscription is over.

09:34 Tokuko: Oh yeah. So check it out!

09:35 Meri: We have contacted all of our subscribers.

09:35 Tokuko: From this time, the format has changed to A4, and it's quite heavy.

09:36 Tokuko: Your photos are beautiful.

09:36 Meri: Japanese is heavier, isn't it? I'm thinking of changing the paper from the next issue.

09:37 Tokuko: Enjoy the new amirisu! As soon as we know the release date, we will announce it.