February 21, 2018


09:51 Meri: It's been on sale since yesterday, but it doesn't seem like there's much to show to the general public.

09:51 Tokuko: It sells like crazy every time. before you could say Jack Robinson.

09:53 Meri: We are planning to sell some items that are not normally on sale to members only. I wonder if it's March.

09:54 Meri: We're a little out of stock right now, so we may not be able to offer much.

09:55 Tokuko: I took it to the Tokyo store too!

09:58 Meri: It's time to pack less because spring clothes are arriving soon, but I'm pretty light this season.

09:59 Tokuko: It's something I'm pretty strict about-

10:00 Meri: But there's something for sale...

10:01 Tokuko: I bought a lot of things, but I'm waiting for them to arrive. I think there will be new arrivals in March.

10:02 Meri: After all, it takes about a month and a half after ordering

10:03 Tokuko: It's difficult to buy from overseas. It's really easy if you're domestic. Mood.

10:04 Meri: I would like to sell more non-hand dyed yarn.

10:04 Tokuko: I hope it permeates a little bit this year.

10:05 Meri: I would like to discover good patterns!