February 10, 2018

kit coming soon

09:24 Meri: Whitehorse sweater, one sleeve done. When I put it on, it was cute!

09:25 Tokuko: Oh, nice. One more sleeve!

09:25 Meri: It's speeding up a lot

09:26 Meri: I'm wearing this. Hopefully next fall...

09:26 Tokuko: Right. I think I'll be able to lend it to you next fall.

09:26 Meri: This is Myak's Medium.

09:27 Meri: You said bright colors are cute, right?

09:27 Tokuko: But that color was nice too. It looks good.

09:28 Meri: Yes, this thread is perfect for cable patterns.

09:28 Tokuko: It's cold this year, so even if we start now, we still have a long way to go in time for this season.

09:29 Meri: Honestly, it's really cold right now, so I made my sleeves feel longer. The feeling of wanting to wear it exudes.

09:29 Tokuko: I can't wear it anyway...

09:30 Meri: Never lose hope!

09:30 Tokuko: The kit will be out this weekend.

09:30 Meri: Yeah, it's pretty much ready now.

09:31 Tokuko: My job is done. looking forward to!