February 03, 2018

Tokyo store open!

11:35 Meri: We've moved to WALNUT Tokyo!

11:36 Tokuko: Done! We can do it. You did your best!

11:37 Meri: All the staff really did their best in such a short time.

11:38 Tokuko: Really. I think it turned into a nice shop for a short period of time.

11:39 Meri: It's not finished yet, but it's good enough for now.

11:39 Meri: I'm sure you'll start to develop your individuality little by little.

11:40 Tokuko: Right. I'm going to think about a lot of threads to put.

11:41 Meri: Actually, I want to change the product lineup a little between Tokyo and Kyoto, but everyone is looking at the online shop, so it's quite difficult.

11:41 Meri: Our online shop is based in Kyoto, so it's the same as Kyoto's product lineup.

11:42 Tokuko: Many people shop while looking at their mobile phones in the store. But stock in Tokyo is different from the internet!

11:42 Tokuko: Please talk to the staff.

11:42 Meri: We can order from Kyoto

11:43 Meri: So, little by little, I want to create products that focus on Tokyo.

11:43 Tokuko: This time, it was refreshing to have a display that can be seen from the outside. It's signed and easy to understand.

11:43 Meri: Well, I was worried about how much I could see inside the store when I rented it.

11:45 Tokuko: You can see it pretty well. I think you know that I'm a yarn shop.

11:46 Meri: Just look for the sign on the window.

11:47 Tokuko: I'm already looking forward to exploring the Aoyama area. There are so many delicious restaurants!

11:48 Meri: That's true, yesterday on the way home, I was looking forward to my next visit, thinking, "Ah, there's this kind of shop!"

11:49 Tokuko: I'm thinking about various projects such as a knit cafe on Friday night. stay tuned!

11:49 Meri: Come visit us!