April 19, 2018

it's hard to dye

08:48 Tokuko: Good morning.

09:01 Meri: Good morning. i just got home

09:01 Meri: It takes 45 minutes round trip.

09:02 Tokuko: Are you in charge of the morning today? good work. I wish I could ride a bicycle.

09:02 Meri: You got on it

09:03 Tokuko: Oh, that's a tricky tradeoff.

09:04 Meri: I need a bicycle to pick me up in time. Well, it's a good exercise, and it's not hot yet, so it's okay

09:05 Tokuko: I still don't like trial knitting patterns, so I took a bath late at night and thought about it, and a good idea came to me.

09:05 Meri: There's something like that

09:05 Tokuko: After all, the bath can bring out something!

09:06 Tokuko: Well, that's fine. I'm talking about parade dyeing.

09:06 Meri: yeah yeah

09:06 Meri: In a word, it was hard.

09:07 Meri: Well, I asked too much.

09:07 Tokuko: I didn't know it would take so long. But that's what it's like to make something that doesn't exist.

09:08 Meri: Starting from scratch.

09:08 Meri: They say they will do hand-dyeing that the dyer has never done before.

09:08 Tokuko: Our common sense and the dye shop's common sense don't match at all, so that's a big deal!

09:09 Meri: It was a lot of trial and error, starting with the unevenness.

09:10 Tokuko: Because there is no image of unevenness. normally.

09:10 Meri: What is Mura? From a place like

09:11 Tokuko: It was difficult to explain how to judge the quality of dyeing!

09:13 Meri: I wrote a long email about hand-dyed yarn. But you're a professional. The finish is great!

09:13 Tokuko: When the last lot arrived, the two of us, this and that! yelled.

09:14 Meri: Yes! It's finally here! Like.

09:14 Tokuko: The exhilaration of that time! No, I'm glad. in time.

09:14 Meri: I can't say enough about the colors. Read more on today's Instagram Live.

09:14 Tokuko: Look!