July 05, 2017

sock club

17:50 Tokuko: Now it's time to get started.

17:51 Tokuko: We organize a club every year in July. This year is the sock club for the first time in two years!

17:51 Tokuko: It's 2015. what were you doing Back then.

18:09 Meri: Is 2015 the time when you were looking for properties in both Tokyo and Kyoto?

18:09 Tokuko: Maybe it's because we updated our property in Tokyo. I remember it well.

18:10 Meri: Well, we've only had two summers yet!

18:12 Tokuko: But I remember thinking that sock clubs were such a maniac that they wouldn't sell that well, so I went with a fragile inventory.

18:13 Meri: It sold better than I expected, so I added it

18:14 Tokuko: Yes. Two years ago, I was afraid to do anything.

18:15 Meri: I figured some people wouldn't be able to knit the 4th course, so I tried 3 times this time.

18:17 Meri: I think it will motivate me to get a good thread two or three times.

18:17 Tokuko: Personally, I've never been to a club.

18:18 Tokuko: When Cookie was doing it, he was so worried that he quit.

18:18 Meri: I have quite a few, but I think our sock club is pretty good.

18:18 Tokuko: Oh yeah. An otaku says it, so there's no doubt.

18:19 Meri: I think you'll end up with something you like

18:19 Tokuko: This time as well, I will attach a video of the technique. Video is the easiest.

18:20 Meri: Right!

18:20 Meri: Hey, we want to knit too!

18:20 Tokuko: If only I had time.