September 03, 2019


09:01 Meri: good morning

09:02 Meri: It's already September!

09:02 Tokuko: Well, it was September. Mornings and evenings are cool.

09:02 Meri: Pretty good. It's still hot in the afternoon

09:03 Tokuko: I just talked with my hairdresser about making my short hair a little longer.

09:04 Tokuko: It's cold in winter, my head!

09:04 Meri: Did it change with the seasons?

09:04 Meri: didn't notice

09:04 Tokuko: That's right. It's only a little bit, but it's going to be long!

09:05 Meri: I'll take another look. I change colors too.

09:06 Tokuko: I spent the weekend thinking hard about new designs.

09:06 Tokuko: I can't get used to winter

09:07 Meri: It's not sweater temperature yet

09:07 Meri: But it's time to get ready for next year's fall issue.

09:07 Meri: Time flies so fast

09:08 Tokuko: That's right. The calendar is already set perfectly for half a year ahead.

09:09 Meri: Oh. I can't take a break if I don't schedule a break

09:09 Tokuko: After the magazine is over, it's time to travel!

09:10 Meri: It's tough, but I'll try

09:10 Meri: the design is for sweater club

09:10 Tokuko: Yes. I'm going to write a blog from today. looking forward to.

09:11 Meri: I'm looking forward to it