April 18, 2018

Unveiling at last!

13:15 Tokuko: Today, the second amirisu original thread is finally unveiled.

13:16 Meri: Finally! It was long!

13:17 Tokuko: About half a year?

13:17 Meri: Maybe more. Because I thought about it from the composition of the thread.

13:18 Meri: We got samples from people and built the bass from scratch.

13:18 Tokuko: It's a rare bass in the world.

13:18 Meri: Yeah I don't think it's the exact same thread after all

13:19 Meri: Yarn otaku was put to good use

13:20 Tokuko: 50% wool with linen, cotton and silk.

13:21 Meri: Wasn't it 60%?

13:21 Tokuko: Ah, yes. I can't remember.

13:22 Meri: But I feel like cotton linen. It's easy to knit because it contains wool, but it's a very refreshing wool. Soft and cool to the touch.

13:23 Tokuko: Knitting feels like wool. Easy to knit!

13:23 Meri: Oh yeah. feels good

13:23 Meri: I love it. I got a really good yarn!

13:25 Tokuko: I like the color too. See you next time.

13:25 Meri: My name is Parade!

13:26 Tokuko: There were twists and turns. Come to think of it, it's a very turbulent thread.

13:27 Meri: Because I have a strong attachment to it.

13:29 Tokuko: Really! That's why I want everyone to try it.

13:29 Meri: Nice to meet you!