April 12, 2018

end of the fiscal year

08:45 Tokuko: I got on the train

08:46 Meri: I'm on my way home from daycare now

08:47 Tokuko: See you later. nice weather

08:53 Meri: Really. Sunglasses were dispatched for the first time.

08:53 Meri: I'm tired

08:54 Tokuko: Let's say Yoshi for exercising

08:55 Meri: 40 minutes round trip, good exercise

08:56 Tokuko: Watch out for sunburn!

08:56 Meri: I put sunscreen on, but I feel like I'm sweating. I can't take my mind off it anymore

08:57 Tokuko: Well, everyone, it must have been a busy start to the year.

08:58 Tokuko: Our company had nothing to do with it, though.

08:58 Meri: Right. It's been a long time since the beginning of the year

08:59 Tokuko: Lots of new threads and kits starting today!

09:02 Meri: Right. I only know one

09:02 Meri: what

09:02 Tokuko: Reassemble the shawl. Also, like Helga.

09:03 Meri: Oh yeah! The one I picked a color about 2 months ago

09:03 Tokuko: Working hard behind the scenes for this week and next week.

09:04 Meri: I'm preparing a lot.

09:06 Tokuko: Look forward to it!