March 27, 2018

knit cafe

09:00 Meri: good morning

09:00 Meri: Knit cafe today

09:00 Tokuko: Yes. From 14:00.

09:02 Meri: The number of people in Kyoto has increased a little recently.

09:02 Tokuko: It's a reservation system, but if there's space on the day, you can participate.

09:03 Meri: I'm sure there's still room

09:03 Tokuko: Should be free. I usually do it on the Tuesday of the 4th week.

09:04 Meri: precious knitting time

09:04 Tokuko: Ms. Meri. I think I did it when I was busy with work knitting.

09:05 Meri: I hope we can do Tokyo again

09:07 Tokuko: Yeah. Tokyo fills up pretty quickly.

09:07 Meri: Plan for supporters too!

09:08 Tokuko: Oh yeah. I was asked to do that.

09:08 Meri: Right

09:08 Tokuko: I have to schedule it.

09:09 Meri: Nice to meet you

09:10 Tokuko: Let's decide today. If you don't secure it quickly, the date will disappear quickly. I'll do it.