August 09, 2017

summer vacation homework

19:09 Meri : I had a lot of work to do every day, so I couldn't do "Kuwadate".

19:10 Tokuko: Is that so. Before the summer vacation, we were desperate.

19:10 Meri : It's not the past tense, but I'm still desperate.

19:10 Tokuko: Meri will be on summer vacation from tomorrow. I'm going to do the accounting silently. Well, please rest.

19:11 Meri : I'll be moving around quite a bit for four days, so I'm inevitably unable to work. I will take a rest

19:11 Tokuko: So, today I wrote a blog, so I'm going to talk about sewing.

19:11 Meri : Finally finished!

19:12 Tokuko: I could do it.

19:12 Meri : It was really fun. I dreamed of doing it.

19:12 Tokuko: It was fun. After all, it was good that it was finished in one day.

19:13 Meri : I have to get a sewing machine and various things for sewing, and if possible, I'd like to finish it in one day.

19:14 Tokuko: Is that so. So desperately trying to finish it. So, my back hurt.

19:14 Meri : Please be careful there.

19:14 Tokuko: yes. I think I made a successful choice of fabric. But, that cloth sold out.

19:14 Meri : Oh my god.

19:15 Meri : That's right, the job of ordering cloth ...

19:15 Tokuko: Oh, there was that. If you can get it again, please.

19:15 Meri : By the way, there are other fabrics that look good. There are various geometric patterns, so I would like you to try it. It just seems easy to match the pattern.

<Get on the Tokuko train here>

19:37 Tokuko: The contents and English are English, but if you look up the words, you can do well. All sewing steps are illustrated, so there is no problem.

19:41 Meri : I'm sorry, I was doing some work that needed to be done a while ago.

19:41 Meri : That's right, it's an illustration, so if you look at the picture, you'll get the gist of it.

19:42 Tokuko: Cutting the cloth was the most nerve-wracking part, but it wasn't as thrilling as it used to be.

19:43 Meri : It's nice to be able to cut according to the pattern. There is no need to worry about what to do if the seam allowance is wrong.

19:43 Tokuko: A long time ago, I didn't understand that I put in the seam allowance myself, and I made a mistake. When I was in elementary school. Speaking of shock at that time!

19:44 Meri : That's right. I've done it too.

19:45 Tokuko: While sewing the seam allowance and sewing with a sewing machine, I was able to season it appropriately.

19:45 Meri : Yes, sewing machines have marks in 5mm increments. It also has an attachment for it.

19:46 Meri : Lately, I've been doing it without marking anything. I can handle it.

19:46 Tokuko: I can do it on my own. This time it was the harvest that I noticed it.

19:47 Meri : Oh yeah. If a perfectionist hears it, it might startle them, but I'm generally good at it too.

19:47 Tokuko: If you haven't sewn for a long time, please be brave! It's been 15 years since I've been

19:48 Meri : Recommended for summer vacations and days when it's too hot to go out. I'm also thinking about making a new arrival Hadley Top .